Monday, January 28, 2013

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Out with the old is my new blog    Then there was six enjoy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I haven't forgotten to blog!

I really haven't!  But apparently I maxed out on the amount of pictures I can upload.   The solution is easy start a new blog.....but naming a new blog is not so easy especially if you are working with half a brain ;) So as soon as I have a moment to think I will be back and I have a lot to catch up on!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


August was a really fun month for us!  Carrlee finished off three weeks of camp.  Teen camp in July, Music camp in July and August, and Family camp in August.  Music camp was so much more then we expected.  Carrlee was able to take piano courses, voice lessons, theory, and sing in a choir.  She made some new friends and reconnected with old ones.  It also made us realize how close college is getting :( I really don't like the idea of leaving her there in a year :( 

Family camp was a lot of fun this year.  It was Micah's first camping trip in our trailer and he loved it!  We all enjoyed being with our church family, eating yummy meals together, hearing great messages from a number of our men, swimming, and playing together. 

August was filled with swimming, game night, and walks on the beach.

Dakota's eighth birthday was the twenty-fifth.  
Can't believe he is eight already.  Loved that he picked a Doc Burnsteins ice cream cake :)  

Each August we have Teen Night at our church.  The youth group sings, plays the piano, ushers, prays, and preaches.  Carrlee sang in the choir, a group, and a solo.  Nathan sang in the choir, ushered and prayed for the offering.  Its such a blessing to see the kids serving the Lord!  
Our last big trip of the summer was Disneyland!  We decided not to renew our passes for this coming year for a couple of reasons; they raised the prices $70 a pass :(  and we are planning some other big trips for next year :)  So we enjoyed our last time at Disneyland with Carrlee as a kid :( how is that possible :( I really almost cried a few times thinking about it!  Micah loved it and we a good time taking him on all the rides!  It was a nice end to our summer.  

Carrlee is third girl from the right in the second row.

Chloe and Micah :) love these two!

It was extremely hot this year at family camp so we had all of our service out side.

Carrlee, Lauren, and Paola

The teens/college/Uncle Peter group :) playing games at night.

Micah and Lacy

Ready to swim :)

We have a water baby he loves swimming!

Kelsey and Katelynn best friends and cousins!

Our game board Brock made for family game night.

Beautiful sunset at the beach.

my two babies :) 

The kids and mommy 
Daddy and Micah

Dakota blowing out his candles.

Nathan praying for the offering.

Carrlee singing with Lauren and Paola.

Mommy, Micah, and Kelsey on a ride.

Micah LOVED Casey Jr. 

Hint for next year :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Post for all my pregnant friends!

Just wanted to share this pregnancy diet plan.....not a weight loss plan ;) Protein is soooo important it really made a huge difference in my last pregnancy!  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Fun in July

Well I think I have these pics in order this month :) Ya!
The theme for this month was birthdays, swimming and camps.
Kelsey had two weeks of swim lessons.
Carrlee and Nathan went to teen camp and Carrlee ended the month at music camp.
We celebrated Fourth of July, friends birthdays, Chloe's First Birthday :), and my birthday.

Micah's first time at the Ravine Water Park.

Micah and friends

Micah and Nathan

Micah and Chloe (there is theme going on here...Micah and ....)

On the Fourth of July we had a skit during the service.  Nathan was a Puritan. :) 

Logan, Micah, and Chloe in their patriotic clothes :)

Kelsey, Chloe, Kaylee, and Micah cousins are so much fun!

Mommy keeping Micah safe during the fireworks...he wasn't to sure about it.

We had a party at Uncle Peter & Auntie Sharon's house after church.
Food and fireworks :)

Micah got to meet Zach :) Nathan was very excited to introduce Micah to Zach.

Micah's first trip to the SB Zoo :)

Birthday girls :) 

Auntie Sharon and Micah

Mauck and Campbell cousins :)

Chloe's first birthday :) she loved her cake!

she ate every bite :)

Praying before the kids left for camp.  They had a great time!
Thankful for all the good decisions they made.

Kelsey had so much fun hanging with just mommy and Micah all week.
She had a slumber party, went swimming almost everyday, enjoyed the Lompoc pool and slides,  watched Spider Man with mommy, and had sushi :) 

This week we are back to three kids....Carrlee is still at music camp :( I really miss her!

Micah's first time in a park swing :)

And that sums up our month.  

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well our month is not in order again....sorry!  I might remember next month that that blogger has updated our upload page, but who knows!  We had a great month enjoy some of our pics :) 

Our month ended with Creation Camp at church.  Carrlee and Nathan had lots of opportunities
to serve the Lord!  They both were in a short skit each morning, this one they were camping
under the stars and defending Biblical Creation against their evolutionist camp leader :)  They
also helped out in the, crafts, snacks, etc...

Nathan presented a dinosaur moment each day....facts on different dinosaurs. 

snack and game time outside

Three cute little monkeys :) 

Chapel time!

The best part was getting to see Digby come alive :)  A big thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!  

We had a craft/experiment time each day.....this one is non-neutonian substance!

Micah's first food :) He loved it!  Oatmeal banana cereal.

For Father's Day weekend Brock wanted to go to the Aquarium in Santa Barbara.  Micah loved looking
at all the fish.  My favorite part was the shark cool to see them still in their sacks growing!  We also
loved the new jelly fish exhibit! 

Carrlee and Lauren at Lauren's 8th grade graduation....I really can't believe that! Time sure goes by fast!

James at his high school graduation! 

Just thought I would share our most recent Campbell cousin pic!
Back row:  Kelsey, Kaylee, Nathan, Daniel, Katelynn,
Front row:  Lacy, Carrlee, Micah, Ethan

That sums up our month!  Looking forward to July so many fun things coming up!

(best part its my birthday :)